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Near Earth Asteroids

I am actively involved in using online telescopes to track, measure and report Near Earth Objects (NEOs) and other asteroids for which the Minor Planet Centre (MPC) and/or Spaceguard are requesting observations. Discussions about some specific objects can be found here:

2015 TB145

  • This is the so-called Halloween Asteroid because it made its close approach on 31 Oct 2015. It is also quite a surprise that something this big had not been see before.

2005 QQ87

  • An Earth co-orbital asteroid and NEO that has recently changed its orbital period from less than 1 year to more than 1 year, reversing the direction of libration of its tadpole orbit. (added 14 Dec 2014)

2010 TK7

  • Sometimes billed as Earth's Trojan Asteroid, this object has had a somewhat chaotic past but is set to remain a trojan for the next few thousand years. (added 7 Dec 2014).




At home several different cameras are in use with a Meade 8" LX200. The Image Gallery shows some of my results, (both good and bad!). The Tutorial provides some basic information about CCD Astrophotography and image processing.

Find Orb Documentation

Find Orb is a very useful piece of software for analysing observations, generating orbital elements and calculating ephemerides.

I have developed some documentation for the program which is here and freely available to anyone interested.





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