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There is quite a steep learning curve when first using an astronomical CCD camera. You should not be disappointed if your early attempts do not turn out like Hubble pictures! I have made some notes to try and summarise my experience and these are presented here. They are the result of my personal experience and research into the subject during the last few years. If you have any comments Let me know! (or post your questions on the website.

Imaging Subject


How a CCD works. Signal versus noise. Dark current, quantum noise etc.
Methods of projecting an image onto the CCD and how this effects the focal ratio (F-ratio) of the telescope.
Resolving power, capturing optimum detail,  field of view.
Dark Frame Subtraction, Flat Fielding, Bias Frames.
Minimising the effects of quantum noise.
Alignment, Focussing and Collimation.
Representation of Colours. RGB, LRGB, HSL, CMY
Alignment, Stacking, Contrast and Colour, Sharpening and Noise Reduction.
Notes on installation and use of the Meade DSI


Details of my equipment and set-up.
Introductory notes about using a webcam

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