M104 The Sombrero Galaxy

MX5C 20 Apr 2003

This first example was obtained using the MX5C camera and was somewhat of a "quick snap" taken at the end of an evening.

8" LX200, F10, MX5-C. 12x25sec calibrated with 10x25sec dark frames. Colour convert (auto), combine ( manual with centroid, median), colour plane adjust, histogram adjust, small increase of saturation.



DSI 17 May 2007

This example was obtained using the Meade DSI.

8" LX200 F/10, DSI, 22xclear and 36xcolour images, each 22.5 sec exposure (soft, highgain setting) all stacked with x2 drizzle, gamma and midtone expand to bring out the halo and noise reduction in neat image. The tracking is still not as good as it should be but the halo and dust lanes have come out quite well.






Tony Evans 2004-2011

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