Saturn Images with a Webcam


Seeing was quite good and dark (except that EDP has just planted a street light just outside my house!).

Saturn's rings are fast disappearing. By Sept 4th 2009 they will be exactly edge-on. However Saturn will be only about 7 degrees from the Sun by then so it is unlikely we will be able to observe the event.

Equipment: 8" LX200  and x2 Barlow giving effective about f/25 onto a Philips SPC900NC Webcam at prime focus. Best 400 of 1200 frames, 5 fps, medium gain, stacked in Registax, finalised in PSP.



This next image is of course a "cheat". The satellites come from an image obtained without the Barlow, using the best 40% of 1200 frames, 5fps, high gain. The planet comes from a resized version of the image above replacing the grossly overexposed planet in the satellite image.


Seeing was quite poor and the Moon close to the subject but this image shows how Saturn's rings are disappearing (see above).

Equipment and process similar to the images above except that the more magnified image also used Neat Image for noise reduction.


And this image was taken with a x2 Barlow added giving about f/20. Best 30% of 1200 frames at 5fps and quite high gain. Stacked in Registax, De-noised in Neat Image and finalised in PSP.




The seeing was quite good, yielding some good frames in the video. Bright Moon nearby.

8" LX200, x2 Barlow giving about f/25, Toucam webcam at prime focus. Best 135 of 1200 frames at 10 fps. Gain set to minimum possible to get a usable image. Aligned, stacked and wavelets in Registax. Noise reduction Neat Image. Gamma 0.75.
As above, but x1.5 resampling applied before alignment and only best 100 frames used.


8" LX200, F/20 using x2 Barlow, Toucam-pro webcam at prime focus. 1200 frames a 10fps, 1/25th sec, gain about 1/4. Best 160 frames aligned, stacked and wavelet filtered in Registax2, noise reduction in Neat Image.




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