Comet 17P/Holmes

This is a periodic comet first discovered in 1892. It is noted for having the occasional "outburst". On Oct 23-24 2007 it increased from magnitude 16 to 2.5.

Several images are shown here, the most recent first.

31 Oct 2007

Following various discussions about the comet fragmenting, these two images were obtained to see if any fragments were visible. The image below focuses on the nucleus and the brightest part of the halo. The nucleus is about as sharp and "stellar" as seeing will allow. All the small "blobs" have been identified as faint stars in the Guide Star catalog.


In this image the central part of the comet is greatly overexposed in order to show up any faint fragments in the outer halo and beyond. All the small points of light appear to be stars. (The image is a mosaic of 4 images)




30 Oct 2007

The aim of this image was to get the nucleus as sharp as possible. Only the nucleus and inner halo are seen. A couple of faint stars are shining through. 8" LX200 f10, DSI.

A longer exposure at f6.3 shows the entire comet. The stars have "tails" because of the comet's movement during the exposure.


28 Oct 2007

This shows the nucleus (rightmost bright spot) and both inner and outer halos clearly. The bright spot on the right is the nucleus and just to the left, inside the halo is TYC 3334-00788-1 mag 9.29. Far left is TYC 3334-00016-1 mag 7.71. The distance between these stars is 15' 12".

8" LX200 f/10, 25mm eyepiece, Canon A530 through the eyepiece, 20 x 2 seconds stacked.

28 Oct


26 Oct 2007

This was my first image of the comet taken at 21:00 UT on 26 Oct 2007. 8" LX200, F6.3 reducer, 25mm eyepiece. Canon A530 handheld at the eyepiece, 3x1sec stacked.





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