Image Selection

Here is a small selection of images captured using SLOOH or my own telescopes and cameras.

See here for HS2331 +3905 Outburst.

Comet C/2004 Q4

Latest images of comet 17/P Holmes (Oct 2007)


A couple of early comet images obtained with the MX5C camera.

M104. Comparison of early attempts with the MX5C and more recent with the DSI.
Planetary nebulae taken with MX5C and DSI cameras.
Mars with a webcam - some good ones and some bad ones.
Saturn images with a webcam.
Venus images with a Webcam - including the transit of Venus 8/6/2004.
Sun images with Webcam or Canon A75 - including partial eclipse.
Jupiter images with a Webcam.
Moon images with a Webcam
A study of Galaxy Cluster Abell 1656
A study of Galaxy Cluster Abell 2199




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