Mars Images with Webcam


Just to show how bad it can get when you are starting. This image was my first attempt at Mars.

8" LX200 F10, Toucam-Pro webcam. 150 frames @ 5fps, 1/250th. Captured, aligned and stacked in K3CCD. Contrast enhancement PSP. Main problems:

  • Poor focussing - must take more time to get the focussing as good as possible

  • Insufficient magnification - get the F factor and pixel size optimised.

  • Not enough frames - need lots to select from and stack.




 A few days later and the technique had improved. LX200, F20 with x2 Barlow, Toucam-Pro webcam at prime focus.

300 frames @ 5fps, 1/50th. 10 best frames manually selected and stacked in K3CCD. Max Entropy applied to each colour using MaxIM DL. Contrast adjust in PSP.




The other side taken on 31/3/2004, as for the previous image, but best 50 frames selected.




Tony Evans 2004-2011

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