Moon images with a Webcam

Unless otherwise stated all these images are taken with 8" LX200 f/10 and a webcam.

8 Oct 2011

Not an ideal time of the month for Moon images but this area around Gassendi and Mare Humorum is reasonably interesting.

Best 200 of 1200 frames stacked in AviStack, wavelets in Registax and finalised in PSP. Made up of three images stiched.

Also on 8 Oct 2011 this area of Kepler with similar processing.


Montes Apenninus with crater Conon.

Best 600 of 1200 frames at 1/500th. Drizzled at x1.5 in Registax. Contrast adjust. Resize 60%, unsharp mask, a touch of gamma.




A very pitted area. processed as above but different gamma.


The "Straight Wall"

Best 60 of 600 frames stacked in Registax with small amount of wavelets. 5pfs minimum gain. Gamma at 1.3.


I include this image of Plato because it shows what happens when collimation is  not good. Although it was not apparent in the individual video frames, as soon as they were stacked and some sharpening applied all the little mountains grew "whiskers"






Tony Evans 2004-2011

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