Sun Images with a Webcam

Unfortunately the Sun is very quiet at the moment (2009) but here are some images from back when some more interesting things were happening.

  • Never look at the Sun through a telescope, or even point your telescope at the Sun, without a good quality solar filter!

Sunspots 11/09/2005


Suspot group 10808 was large for this time in the cycle. It gave rise to several CME's and X class flares and was the subject of several space weather alerts. Here it has recently appeared from the eastern limb.

8" LX200 F6.3 Focal Reducer, Solar Filter, IR blocking filter. Toucam Webcam at prime focus.

4 x 30-second video sequences at 10fps, 1/250sec, gamma 1/3, saturation low . Videos combined, aligned, stacked, (quality cut-off at 85%) and wavelet filter in Registax3. Final contrast in PSP.


Sunspots 25/07/2004


Unusual for a group  this size to appear at this time in the cycle.

Conditions: high temperature and lots of atmospheric movement.

8" LX200 F6.3 F10. Solar filter , Toucam-Pro webcam, 900 frames at 10fps 1/250sec, gain low, colour manual. Identical darkframe video also taken. Video capture: K3CCD.

Frames aligned and best 75% stacked in Registax, using darkframe made by Registax. MaxEnt deconvolution in Astroart. Some histogram adjustment. It may seem odd to use dark frames with the sun but it helps to remove 'stray' light and improve contrast when everything is running at 120C!


Eclipse 3/10/2005


Not total here (Portugal) but quite spectacular. Pity there were no decent sunspots that day!

LX200 f/6.3 focal adapter, solar filter, 25mm Helios eyepiece, Canon A75 camera in manual mode through the eyepiece set at 1/500th F2,8. (image here is 1/4 size). This image taken at the time of maximum 08:50 GMT.



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