Venus images with a Webcam



This was an experiment to see if Venus could be photographed during the day. This was taken about 4pm in full sunlight (although no sunlight actually falling on the 'scope).

8" LX200 F6.3 focal reducer, IR filter, Toucam webcam at prime focus. 30 seconds at 10fps, 1/500sec, aligned and stacked in K3CCD using planet wizard, deconvolution (maxent 1.1 x 20) in Astroart.



One of my earlier attempts with Venus. 8" LX200, F20 using x2 Barlow, Toucam-pro at prime focus. 900 frames at 10 fps, 1/250th. All frames aligned, stacked and  wavelet filtered using Registax2. Contrast/histogram adjusted in PSP. Probably overexposed!



This crescent Venus was very bright in the early evening sky.

8" LX200 F10, Toucam-Pro webcam at prime focus. 300 frames at 10fps, 1/1000th sec. Aligned, stacked and wavelet filtered using Registax2, histogram adjustment in PSP.

Transit of Venus 8/6/2004


Transit of Venus captured just at the moment of "3rd Contact".

8" LX200, F6.3 focal reducer, solar filter (unknown make), Toucam-Pro webcam.

Various video sequences were captured during the transit at 10fps, 1/500th. This images was formed by visually inspecting a video sequence and selecting 5 good frames around the moment of 3rd contact. These frames then aligned, stacked and wavelet filtered in Registax.





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