Numerical Integration of Planetary Orbits

The effects of gravity are simulated in these pages using a process of Numerical Integration. The Jingo integrator is used to show various types of orbit that exist in the Solar System and beyond.


Explanation of the Jingo integrator screen and controls.
Information about the Jingo integrator.

Solar System

The Sun and planets plus Halley's comet and Sedna with the Sun at the centre.
The Sun and planets plus Halley's comet and Sedna with the Solar System baricentre at the centre.
Two views of the asteroid 2002 AA29 showing an example of one-to-one resonance and horseshoe orbits.
Two views of asteroid 3753 Cruithne "Earths Companion" and its horseshoe orbit.
Examples of leading and trailing Lagrange points with Jupiter's Trojan asteroids.
Mars has a few Trojan asteroids too.
We see that the orbits of Neptune and Pluto are in three-to-two resonance.
A selection of the better known satellites around Saturn and a close up view of Janus and Epimethius' strange behaviour.
A selection of Near Earth Objects listed in the Minor Planet Centre.
Shows the orbit of this space mission that went far from the ecliptic.
A demonstration of the Kozai mechanism with the asteroid 3040 Kozai.

Extrasolar Planets

A 5-planet system based on analysis of radial velocity data.
A six-planet system from Kepler
A system with co-orbital planets from Kepler
On this page you can upload your own systemic fit file to be simulated by Jingo.





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