Asteroid 2005 QQ87

2005 QQ84 has a "tadpole" orbit on the L5 side approaching to within 0.083AU of Earth and retreating to 1.23AU each year. The simulation starts with a tilted view of the orbits to get a perspective of the annual close approach. Use Tilt and Orbit/Trail to get alternative views.

Prior to 2008 each approach was getting closer but in 2008-9 its period changed from slightly less than a year (catching up with Earth) to slightly more than a year (getting left behind)

Future orbit

QQ87 clones retreat from Earth and hover around L3 for a while then return to near-Earth around 2460AD. This behaviour is repeated but uncertainty increases and the clones gradually get split up. A third visit to L3 sees some clones progress to the L4 side and by 3100 they they are quite widely spread.

First observed by Kitt Peak-Spacewatch on 2005-08-31, this simulation takes into account 55 observations up to 2015-08-15. The object has a ~1yr period, eccentricity of 0.3 and inclination of 33.9 degrees.

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The simulation includes Solar System planets (system barycentres) and 15 clones of 2005 QQ87 generated by Find Orb Monte Carlo. Yoshida 6th order integration with variable step time. Rotating coordinates focus on Earth.