Asteroid 2015 TB145

This object has become a celebrity by virtue of having its closest approach at Halloween 31 Oct 2015 as well as being relatively large at H=19.9.

Close approach is seen here, starting at the beginning of Oct 2015. You can zoom right into Earth as the object flies past and out again to get an overview of its orbit.


This simulation starts as for the previous one but follows ~50 clones of TB145 as they make their way round a highly elliptical and inclined orbit.

They will approach Earth each time round but will not make an approach as close as this one. Use the various controls to view the orbit.

The clones will spread out quite a lot during a few orbits but this amount of spreading will be reduced after we get more observations.

First observed at Pan-STARRS 1 on 2015-10-10, this simulation takes into account 296 observations up to 2015-10-24.197. The object Appolo, PHA and has a 3.06yr period, eccentricity of 0.86 and inclination of 39.6 degrees.

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The simulation includes Solar System planets (including separate Earth/Moon) and  50 clones of 2015 TB145 from Find Orb Monte Carlo. Yoshida 6th order with variable step-times.